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Telephone Cooperative Mission Statement

“To provide value-based telecommunications services that improve the quality of life for our members and the financial viability of the cooperative.

We will accomplish our mission by deploying appropriate technologies, at justifiable costs, with skilled and motivated employees, while being a good citizen in our community.”

Your Telephone Cooperative’s Mission Statement

While the wording of your telephone cooperative’s mission statement might be worded a bit differently, we are sure yours encompasses the 3 basic tenets:

1-Provide value-based telecommunications services
2-Maintain financial viability of the cooperative
3-Deploy appropriate technologies at justifiable costs

Telephone Cooperative Membership Decline

Big Problems Ahead

The big problem that many phone cooperatives are experiencing is that with the massive growth of mobile phones and mobile phone networks, many members are abandoning their land line phones for mobile phones that have become an integral part of your members lives.  Many phone cooperatives are experiencing alarming shrinking membership roles.

Begin a Growth Trajectory

Global Wireless is providing the technology for telephone cooperatives to not only reverse this trend of shrinking membership roles, but actually grow their membership rolls by offering complete cellular phone products and services.

By providing your local area with the cellular phone products and services that are in high demand – your members win and your cooperative wins. Instead of less members – you can actually increase membership and stabilize the long term prospects of your cooperative.

Grow Your Telephone Cooperative Membership
Telephone Cooperative Mobile Phone Solution

Turnkey Solution

Global Wireless can provide your cooperative with a turnkey system that allow you to access  the latest in mobile phone products at wholesale pricing and provide your members with very competitive monthly cellular phone plans.

Instead of long term contracts and your members sending their hard earned money to Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile or Sprint – your telephone cooperative can provide the same coverage with affordable monthly plans.

Cooperative Benefits

By providing mobile phone products and service plans, the cooperative is providing the technology and mobility that their members want and desire.  Fulfilling one of the main points of the cooperative mission statement,”To provide value-based telecommunications services that improve the quality of life for our members”

Increase membership retention and even increase membership rolls by  providing popular mobile phone products and service plans. As the long term established local telephone provider, cooperatives can become consumers number one choice to purchase new phones and signup for phone plans that meet thier needs.

Flexible cell phone plans can have everything from low cost talk only plans, to unlimited talk – text – and even web data plans, that smart phones utilize.

Service your members mobile phone needs with a simple to use secure web based interface that tracks your members mobile phone accounts and activates them utilizing the established largest phone networks in the country.

Telephone Cooperative Mobile Phone Benefits

More Information

Your task is to fulfill your obligations to your telephone cooperative members, so they will have access to the latest mobile phone and wireless services.  No need to invest in expensive infrastructure such as towers and repeaters.  Utilize the backbone of the largest wireless networks and provide the local support that your members have grown to expect.

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