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Business has Gone Mobile

Mobile phone usage along with wireless data have grown to become an integral component of all major businesses.  Everyone from the CEO to the local delivery driver uses mobile phones to maximize efficiency.  Your sales force needs to be in constant communications with customers, vendors, home office, order fulfillment operations.

Business has Gone Mobile
Business Expenses

Businesses Over Paying for Mobile Phone Services

There is a legitimate need for a good portion of your staff and employees need to have a mobile phone or wireless access for laptops or tablets.  But there comes the rub, some users only need talk or text capabilities, and even at that, only use the phone a few hundred minutes each month.

Other users such as your sales force use their phones and wireless access in almost everything they do, whether texting customers, calling for appointments, sending orders in, or looking up catalog items. Time is money and when they have all this information at their fingertips, literally anywhere they go, they need mobile phone plans with unlimited talk, text and web capabilities.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all, certainly applies when it comes to corporate mobile phone usage.    What many businesses are discovering is that these longer term corporate contracts with Verizon or ATT, do not accommodate the varied needs of their staff and employees – in fact in almost all cases they are over paying for too many features on everyone’s phone plans.

Matched Corporate Mobile Phone Plans
Broke cell Phone

…And Then There is the Phone Problem

Then there is also the issue of broke, lost, or outdated phones that someone in your organization needs to track, purchase, replace, exchange, etc. – and in most cases you end up paying retail for the dozens or hundreds of phones in your business.

Cost Effective Mobile Phone Utilization

Global Wireless has developed a simpler an more cost effective solution then dealing with these one size fits all types of contracts that Verizon and ATT like to set you up with.  With one secure web based interface, you can have one person in your organization be able to easily track and match the most cost effective plan with each user.

Utilizing the exact same wireless networks you currently use, you can individually match each user in your organization with only the features and phone plans they need – and dramatically reduce your monthly mobile phone service costs.

Cost Effective Mobile Phone System

The 80/20 Rule

As the 80/20 rule often reveals – twenty percent of your employees use eighty percent of your monthly mobile phone usage  – they need the best plans –  and the flip side eighty percent of your employees only use about twenty percent of your phone usage – they can get by with plans that cost 25% of what you are paying now.  With Global Wireless web based interface you can match the usage with the lower cost plans that better match your staff and employee usage.

With Global Wireless buying power, your company can purchase brand new phones at near wholesale prices.  If your top sales person want’s and needs the latest iPhone or Galaxy pad buy it at near wholesale.  If the local route person needs a low cost flip phone – order it directly from the secure web interface and have it Fedex right to your business.

Business Advantages & Benefits

By utilizing an in-house mobile phone network interface, your company will have the flexibility to individually provide the best matched mobile phone plans to meet the various needs of your staff and employees.

Your company will be utilizing the same mobile phone and wireless networks of Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and Sprint that you currently use – except now, instead of overpaying for features, minutes, and phone plans that are not fully utilized – your company will have the ability to match the best priced plans for each user.  With just a few clicks  you can upgrade, downgrade, add a new employee plan or even terminate an employee’s phone plan.

Instead of paying retail plus for your phones and wireless plans, you will now be able to utilize the buying power of Global Wireless and pay near wholesale rates.  Just this benefit alone can reduce your current mobile phone expenses by 10-15%.

With Global Wireless secure web based interface, you will maintain current coverage, have the flexibility to better match phone plans so you are not over paying, and you will be paying near wholesale rates for phones, phone plans, and data packages.  These advantages and benefits will have a direct impact on reducing your mobile phone costs and expenses.

Business Benefits

More Information

Your task is to fulfill your company’s mobile phone needs in a way that provides staff and employees with the coverage and phone plans they need while maintaining quality and access.   With Global Wireless Business Mobile Phone systems, you now can easily control the many requirements that your company needs – all at a reduced cost.

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