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Business is Booming

If your cell phone store is one of the 15,000+ open for business in the United States, then you are very much aware of the tremendous growth and opportunity in providing no-contract monthly plans to one of the hottest devices ever invented – the cell phone.

You work hard for every subscriber you sign up, and keeping them paying month after month can sometimes seem like a chore that never ends.  Global Wireless understands this acutely as we have had our own retail store for over five years.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans
Cell Phone Store Problems

What Ticks Many of Us Off About this Business…

While business may be booming, we hear a lot of chatter about several of the problems that many cell phone stores are having, such as poor pin delivery systems that are slow or with incorrect pins being purchased.  It would also appear that many of the MNVO sites are just sluggish or shall we say “awkward” to use.

Add to that the fact, that once you got a customer on board at your store, you find the corporate MNVO tries to push them to the corporate site for renewals, effectively cutting you completely out of the equation and the money.  But then guess who the customer comes to for help???  I bet you know exactly what we’re talking about.

We’ve even seen cases where distributors have effectively stolen master dealers accounts, completely cutting out master dealers of all of their dealer accounts.  Talk about getting screwed over!

Another problem that all dealers have, is losing customers month after month.  Just keeping up with the attrition rate is one aspect of maintaining your customer base.  If there was only a way to keep your active customers from forgetting to renew and then going to another dealer or online to renew because their phone is dead and they need it NOW!

A Better Way to Run a Cell Phone Store

Having been in the business we know there is a better way…So we set out to address many of these serious problems that cell phone store dealers were having.  First off we spent over $200k developing a powerful dealership software platform from the ground up.

Secondly, we developed some strategic partnerships with some MNVO’s and network providers that have the mindset that the local cell phone store should be at the top of the marketing mix, and should compensated for bringing customers in and servicing them month after month.  We want to work with MNVO’s that respect  the hard earned business that dealers like you have built.

Thirdly, we developed a system that allows you to run your cell phone store business more effectively and cuts you in with higher discounts.  A system that gives you direct control of your customer database with powerful tools to keep your customers coming back for more.

Profitable Cell Phone Store
Python Powered

Same Technology as Google

Having used several of the cell phone dealer software platforms, we found none that really satisfied our needs.  Most were using old technology, and in many cases, exposed our client information in unsecured websites.  So we built our own state of the art cellphone dealership platform that runs circles around anything in the marketplace.

Our Python powered  cell phone dealer software platform is built using the same technology that Google uses for Gmail, Google Groups, Google Maps as well as many of Google’s internal search systems.  YouTube also uses Python based software, as does Yahoo Groups and Reddit.

Our cloud based platform allows for scalability, and fast response times no matter where your store is in the country.  Built from the ground up – the platform contains features and options that will simplify your operation and allow you to accomplish more with less work.

Show Me The Money…

Your in business to make money and turn a profit,  that’s the bottom line so to speak and that is why we include you in, on some of the most competitive wireless phone and data plan discounts available.  Your success is our success, and the more money you make per cell phone plan, the easier it will be for you to turn a profit.

Hundred Dollar Bill - Show Me the Money

Business at Your Fingertips

Your Customer Database at Your Fingertips

Imagine being able to service and renew your customers phone plans with three simple clicks – without even touching a keyboard!

How about being able to eliminate the need for cumbersome pc’s or monitors?  Imagine being able to completely service your clients with nothing more than a tablet or iPad.  With the responsive web interface you have the flexibility to utilize low cost tablets for your sales force, giving them the ability to better interact with your customers, and reducing the cost to bring on additional sales members.

Every aspect of your business is literally at your fingertips, from complete customer lists, to detailed sales reports, invoices, customer profiles, PIN cart, product cart,services, fees, repairs, and much more.  Quite literally, you have your business, in the palm of your hand.

Nothing’s Better than Auto-Renew Customers

Provide your customers the convenience of Auto-Renew.  Increase customer retention and save your customers the time of having to stop by your store every month to renew their plans.  It’s like doing a task once and getting paid over and over again every month.

Your customers credit card information is protected using a secure 256 bit encrypted data connection and only needs to be setup once.  We recommend charging a couple of bucks as a convenience fee to cover cc processing fees – of course the software handles all that for you.

Auto-Renew Customers are the Best
Send SMS to Customers

Text Message Your Customers

One of the simplest ways to dramatically increase customer retention, is to send your customers a text message a few days before their current plan expires.  Send another message  the next day to catch the one’s that haven’t stopped by yet.   With just a couple of clicks you can filter by date send a text message to a that group or even send a message to all of your customers, say for a special promotion.

Customers all get busy and it is easy to forget to stop by to drop off a payment. We have found that customers thank us for sending them that friendly text reminder and it has definitely increased customer retention.

Global Wireless Proprietary Dealership Platform Features:

5 Star POS Feature List

green-checkmark2    Over 180 Mobile Phone Plans


    Intuitive and Simple to Use POS Web Based Interface


    Earn More Money with Competitive Discounts


    Automatic PIN Activation – No More Copy/Pasting


    Auto-Renew Feature – Hands Free Income


    Process Customer Sales Using  Tablets or iPads – No PC Required


    3 Click PIN Cart with Choice of 25 PIN Providers


    Access Profitable Wireless Plans with Direct Interface


    Servicing Accounts is a Breeze with Complete Customer Database


    Expand Your Business with Dealer Training, Support, and Video Tutorials


    Purchase Phones and Accessories at Wholesale


    Track ALL Sales including Fees – Services – Repairs


    Extensive Sales Reports


    Sales Member Tracking


    Simple 3 Click Renewal Interface


    Track Store Inventory


    PIN Numbers Delivered with the Receipt


    Initiate Activation, Port-in, and ESN Changes Directly


    Text Customers with Payment Reminders or Additional offers


    Daily List of Accounts Currently Due


    Customer Management and Invoice records


    And Much Much More!

Dealership Platform Advantages & Benefits

By establishing strategic alliances with MNVO partners we can offer you some of the top discount rates in the industry and at the same time help you protect and keep your customers coming back to you month after month.

Your customers will love the Auto-Renew feature and will gladly keep paying you month after month. You will immediately see the power of utilizing the Auto-Renew feature  as it will allow you and your staff to concentrate your efforts on bringing new customers into your business.  Successful Cell Phone Stores realize that new customers bring growth and increased profits.

Global Wireless Cell Phone Store Dealership Platform interface is very intuitive and easy to use.  With our tutorial videos, your sales staff will have no problem utilizing the potent features of the software platform.  As a business owner you can easily track all the metrics of your store so you can tell each day what your profits are.

Once you have a customer – it always takes less effort to receive another payment from that customer then it is to get a new customer to walk though your doors.  Having the ability to text message your customers, particularly around renewal time, is a proven way to keep your customers paying you month after month.

Cell Phone Store Platform Benefits

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