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A fundamental fact of today’s world, is that communications is at the heart of all personal, social, business, and corporate interactions. Usage of cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and wireless communication devices, are increasing found in everyone’s hands and they are using as an integral part of making their lives better.

Global Wireless management have over 20 years combined experience in wireless phone sales, technology, and commercial software applications. Today Global Wireless is a leader in providing technological services and support to individuals, small businesses, and large multinational corporations.


No Contract Phone Plans

 Keeping in touch with family ,whether locally or around the world, has never been easier then with the products and services provided by Global Wireless. Utilizing the Largest National and International network systems, Global Wireless provides quality wireless communication services and products that meet high quality standards but at very affordable costs.

  Best No Contract Mobile Phone Plans

Mobile Phone Store Software

With over 15,000 locally owned Cell Phone stores across the United States, these small businesses are the true face of mobile phone services and plans, serving the wireless needs of individuals and families.

Global Wireless provides the most complete state of the art point of sale software (POS) platform that not only provides 3-click solutions, that keep their customers phones active, but a complete customer database management system including auto-rebill, SMS text messaging systems, store invoicing, and competitive discount pricing with instant PIN delivery.
  Phone Store Software

Reduce Corporate Phone Costs

Corporate Cell Phone Network Management

Business and Corporate users demand no less then state of the art systems for tracking, maintaining, and communicating with their employees, staff, and customers.  Global Wireless provides businesses and corporations with technological software applications, allowing them complete control of these devices, while at the same time controlling costs by matching the most cost effective plans with each of their users.

  Reduce Wireless Phone Costs

Local Telephone Company Solutions

Phone cooperatives, particularly in the Midwest were the ones that brought phone communications and strung the lines that allowed the heartland of rural America to plug into the phone systems.  Global Wireless provides these modern day leaders with the ability to provide their members with the latest in cell phone technology and services, while at the same time allowing them to reverse the trend of shrinking membership rolls. 

The successful phone cooperatives understand that they must embrace this new wireless phone technology and provide their membership with options that make sense for them as well as their cooperative.

  Local Phone Company Wireless Solutions

Telephone Cooperatives Wireless Phone Management
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